About Choose Great Wine

Does buying a bottle of wine sometimes get confusing? Are you distracted by all the numeric ratings and tags? Who really knows the difference between a 92 and 93? Is that number going to change whether you like the wine or not? It really shouldn’t make a difference. Our goal is to help you feel more confident when buying a bottle of wine because we know that the number of choices and recommendations is endless.
ChooseGreatWine.com is a trusted source for reviews of wines crafted by independent and small producers around the globe that are generally available and won’t break the bank. We do not provide numeric ratings because we will only review truly great wines. Along the way, we will feature wine education on regions, grape varietals, and winemaking.
We want to help you choose a wine that can become a positive part of your event/occasion, rather than something that may ruin your plans.

We will hold ourselves to these standards so that you can count on the reviews and recommendations we provide.

No Ratings

We will not provide numeric ratings or points because we will only review great wines that you can feel comfortable buying.


We will be an independent voice with no influence from any wine interest – grower, maker, seller, etc.


We will feature wines that are capable of drinking now and not in 5 years.  


focus on small producers

We will focus on independent and smaller producers.  We will do our best to not recommend wines from large conglomerates.  Wine is not a commodity.


Everyone has different budgets.  We will review wines generally between $30 and $60.  This may be your top range or your weekday wine.  Either way, we will help you make better choices.


The wines we select will be available from local or online sellers.  You won’t find wines that are allocation only here.  What’s the point of reading about them if you can’t find them?


Hello!  My name is Heath Hancock and wine has been a passion of mine for many years.  It all started with a trip to Napa after my 21st birthday. Until recently learning about wine was purely a casual hobby but over the past year and a half I have decided to kick up my interest to a different level. I passed WSET Level 2 with distinction in 2020 and I am currently studying for the WSET Level 3 with hopes of Level 4 and beyond once complete.  This site is a part of my journey from hobbyist to professional and I am excited about sharing and learning with all of you.